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All of my work consists of moments, thoughts, ideas, and places in time.  
It is all open to any interpretation.  
I don’t write blatantly.  What I write about is not important, it’s what you find that’s important.  
I create by the maxims: be cautious of things that do not move you; there is no art in obviousness.

7.13.2019 - Hey, we're wishing on the same moon.

11.21.2016 - Still Kicking.

10.23.2011 - Something is stirring on the horizon and also some new poems are up!!!

1.02.2011 - Happy new year peoples!

10.30.2010 - Most of my creative efforts have been going towards music and my novel, but i've managed to write a couple poems with decent virus in it

6.8.2010 - Fiction is hard to sell and even harder to create.

11.06.2009 - I've been thinking about releasing some very limited special editions of my poetry book which is hand printed and hand bound. If you're interested, drop me a line, and maybe if I get enough requests I'll go for it.

10.28.2006 - I've had writers block and I've been busy working on music. Here are some fairly new poems to indulge upon. I may add lyrics sometime later....maybe.

9.29.2005 - i have added a couple writings by someone else that i thought were quite enthralling and inspiring. these 1, 2, 3, 4.

9.8.2005 - i have decided that i have not been able to connect with my older poetry, that i will remove most of it. i kept it on here to sort of, give everyone an idea of how my writings have changed over the years. having said that, there are too many blatant and personal emotions that i no longer feel and i don't want anyone to get the wrong impressions. if you haven't already read them, well good for you.

7.14.2005 - i guess people don't seem to understand what 'copyright ©' means:
if you enjoy my poetry, ask me before using it on your site and always let everybody know who really wrote it, thanks. ♥

"You've got a real Jim Morrison feel to your poetry. Not to mention I think your topics are not nessacarily[sic] for mainstream people. The are a little too specialized for the average reader." --AtroposShadow

"it is wonderful to read nice works from someone who is a true poet." -- Laurel46

"Your imagery and word usage is very good. I congratulate you. It held the readers attention through out." --port_sr

"your analogies[sic] are enygmatic-- but in a good way. It made me stop and think. I had to interpret a few of the symbols, and when I came to grasp the concept, I was amazed." -- Aeris Raye

"You really bring the colors to life." -- llemons

"Brilliant" -- Jezzabelle

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